ITSIGN Solutions is driven to meet every of its customer’s needs. We are working tirelessly to give our customers top-notch service, at a reasonable cost. We give our clients the best security solution, network support, IT training service, and standard server management.

Data Security Assessment


Our data security experts conduct one-on-one interviews with your key stakeholders to uncover your existing state as well as future issues with IT, compliance, legal, business line stakeholders, and end-users. This process results in the correlation of incremental knowledge regarding existing practices along with potential gaps in a central repository, laying the groundwork for a functional and realistic data security roadmap.


Data Security Policy and Architecture Review


We conduct a comprehensive review of your existing data security policies and architecture, understand the legacy project influencers and stakeholders and perform a best-practice assessment for configuration and feature utilization.


Data Security Standards Review

We can help you understand whether your available technical controls are aligned with your current policy. We review existing feature sets and make recommendations that are relevant to your organization, and also index the data security practices in individual business units.


Data Governance Review

From a governance perspective, we can help you ensure the adherence of your corporate or regulatory policies via software solutions. We implement standards of controls across your toolset and ensure the involvement of key stakeholders and employees.


Data Security Assessment


Our data security experts conduct one-on-one interviews with your key stakeholders to uncover your existing state as well as future issues with IT, compliance, legal, business line stakeholders, and end-users. This process results in the correlation of incremental knowledge regarding existing practices along with potential gaps in a central repository, laying the groundwork for a functional and realistic data security roadmap.


Data Security Policy and Architecture Review


We conduct a comprehensive review of your existing data security policies and architecture, understand the legacy project influencers and stakeholders and perform a best-practice assessment for configuration and feature utilization.


Data Security Standards Review

We can help you understand whether your available technical controls are aligned with your current policy. We review existing feature sets and make recommendations that are relevant to your organization, and also index the data security practices in individual business units.


Data Governance Review

From a governance perspective, we can help you ensure the adherence of your corporate or regulatory policies via software solutions. We implement standards of controls across your toolset and ensure the involvement of key stakeholders and employees.

Endpoint Security Tool Evaluation & Selection


Our team of engineers takes a consultative approach to understand the unique nature of your environment and identifying solutions that meet your needs. We can work with you to define selection criteria, assist with RFI/RFP creation, build a vendor comparison matrix and develop a POC/POV. Our goal is to help you save time and filter out market noise and confusion to identify the best solutions that fit your needs.


Endpoint Security Architecture


Our team can help you define the correct components of each endpoint solution to ensure it meets your current requirements. Additionally, our team will build the solution architecture based on best practices, including scale considerations for potential future needs.


Endpoint Security Solution Implementation


Having managed security tools and programs in large commercial and government organizations, we have a unique perspective on common challenges. Our team of engineers will work with you to properly install and configure solutions if needed, ultimately ensuring a successful implementation.


Endpoint Security Optimization

Our team’s experience deploying several solutions enables us to utilize our knowledge and best practices to help you ensure optimal use of the endpoint security platforms. In addition, as part of the optimization services our team will work with you to ensure your team members are trained to efficiently utilize the solution.

On an average server, 40+ mails get delivered every minute, and website databases get modified by 700+ requests. Service suspension, data migration, and DNS switching need to be meticulously planned to divert new data updates to the target server to avoid split data, or data loss. With years of experience on our side, ITSign engineers help you migrate your servers without any data loss, and with minimal downtime.

What we do

Zero data loss

Split-data is a common issue noted in un-planned server migrations. It happens when data get updated in source server after the data copy is done, but the DNS keeps pointing to the old server. By carefully synchronizing data copy, service suspension, and DNS switching, data loss is reduced to zero.

Minimal downtime

During a migration, the data transfer, service suspension, and DNS synching should be timed to perfection to reduce the downtime of domains. By creating a detailed list of fault points, carefully monitoring for service continuity, and diligent testing at receiving end, domain downtimes are minimized.

Compatibility resolution

When migrating data between different versions of software or entirely different server software, data must first be converted into an interchangeable format. We do a pre-migration audit to identify all such constraints, and systematically resolve them to ensure a smooth switch-over to the new system.

Examples of migration requests

Here are a few data migration cases that we work on a day to day basis:

  • Migrating database from an old version to a new version.
  •  Migrating database from one platform to another. Eg: MySQL to MariaDB.
  •  Migrating mail data to a new mail server/cluster.
  • Migrating web hosting accounts from one platform to another. Eg: Windows to Linux migration.

IT issues never seem to happen at a convenient time.

Are you experiencing an urgent server support issue that needs addressing right away?

Maybe you’ve discovered a security breech or incident that could prove devastating for your business? Or perhaps you need emergency data recovery services? Has your server gone down unexpectedly, costing you money by the minute?

You call an ambulance with paramedic support when you or a loved one has an urgent health problem, don’t you? Now you can call the pros at ITSign when you need emergency business computer network support.

Just like emergent health problems, we understand that IT issues never seem to happen at a convenient time. You don’t have to be a current client to use our emergency services, just give us a call at 281-367-8253 to speak to a friendly, experienced IT professional. We’re here to help, even if it’s after hours or a weekend.
Whether you’re an existing client or a new customer; there’s no unexpected surprises.

For non-clients, our transparent emergency support pricing leaves you with a clear understanding of what you’ll be charged. If your issue requires additional and unforeseen attention, we’ll discuss this with you in advance and make certain you understand what it will cost before moving forward.

And remember, if you’re already a ITSign client, we include a limited number of emergency support hours in your monthly IT support package at no additional charge.

We developed our emergency IT troubleshooting service so that you will have direct access to an expert, credentialed network administrator in the event of an emergency. Your support request will get activated immediately and will go straight to the emergency support queue for immediate pickup.
Our emergency support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Windows server outages
  • Network and Internet outages
  • RAID failures
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Other critical system failure issues
  • Major security incidents

It’s best if you don’t try to fix the problem yourself. This could potentially worsen the situation. Don’t spend another minute worrying over your server, network, or other critical system failure.

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)


Implementation of an Identity Governance solution includes integration with authoritative sources for user identity information and lifecycle events. In addition, IGA solutions typically include out-of-the-box connectors for many well-known applications and systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, various RDBMS, Mainframe, and web applications, as well as role management and policies for enforcing segregation of duties controls.

Access Management

Access Management solutions provide authentication and authorization capabilities through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and federated single sign-on. Key standards include SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect for implementing various user access scenarios.


Privileged Account Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions include capabilities such as password vault, privileged activity monitoring, and privileged session management.


Network Security Assessment


Our network security assessment evaluates the overall security posture of your network infrastructure. We compare your controls to industry best practices, your business and security goals, and what similar businesses are doing./ The result of the assessment presents you with a clear picture of your current environment and a roadmap of how to improve upon the foundation that you have implemented.



Network Access Control Design & Implementation


We address NAC via a deep understanding of the solution being presented. We evaluate the use cases for every scenario, understanding the desired outcome and how to address your compliance concerns. Our team can help you implement a NAC solution that is customized to your organization&'s expected outcome.


NGFW Design & Implementation

Our network security experts can help you identify the best solution to address your NGFW goals. We work with the industry leaders in the space to ensure that all aspects of your network are secure. We can implement a solution that protects the perimeter, core, data center, branch, and cloud infrastructure.


Network Security & Infrastructure Management

Another challenge that many organizations face is managing the infrastructure that’s in place. It’s critical to quickly identify the systems being accessed (and by whom) to ensure that they are patched appropriately and in compliance. Our team of experts can help you identify and implement the proper network security solution for your organization.



Backup is Crucial for Successful Business

Your company’s data is critical to business operations. Ensure you have a professional backup solution with redundancy, monitoring, support and recovery processes. We implement simple and redundant solutions to truly protect your data and offer you peace of mind.



Get beyond daily backups – our systems backup continuously, saving versions of files as they are being worked on (including open files) to protect your data as you create it.



Our modern backup solutions keep multiple versions of files, holding a 30 day history of old versions. Roll back to the version you need in just minutes.



We back up entire server configurations to “image files” to offer a full restore to a new physical or virtual location in case of server damage or loss.



Disaster Recovery is the next generation in backup and recovery of servers. Disaster Recovery allows us to restore an entire server in hours, not days.



Not all company data is stored on in-house servers. We offer services to back up, monitor, and recover your cloud data. Protect your company from cloud downtime or data loss.



Our backup can protect all workstations, including those on the go. Protect sales data, executive laptops, and other mobile data with our centrally managed cloud backup software.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services


Our GRC services help ensure your information security program is optimized to meet today’s complex cyber risks while aligning with industry best practices, regulations, and compliance mandates. Our team of highly certified consultants provides expertise across the three pillars of GRC.


Governance Services

Our governance team provides strategic services to assist with the creation, planning, and execution of your information security program, including a clearly defined information security program, prioritized roadmap for execution and maturation of your information security program, executive leadership (vCISO) support, data protection program, and support to define and execute on program tactical & strategic plans.


Risk Management Practice

Our risk management services ensure that your information security program is always prepared for the impending risks to your environment, whether it's providing risk assessments or helping you define and mature your risk management program.


Compliance Services


Our advisory and assessment services are designed to keep you up to date and on top of the dynamic landscape for regulatory and industry standards related to your business.



Active Directory Security Review


See how an attacker would use native functionality within the Active Directory to move laterally or escalate privileges in the environment, and also learn how to harden against and detect that activity.


Red Teaming


Take the gloves off and see how effectively your defensive tools and procedures fare against our most sophisticated engagement.

Social Engineering


Put your people to the test to gauge the effectiveness of security awareness training and your technical defenses.


Purple Teaming


Tired of not being able to detect penetration testers despite spending a fortune on monitoring tools? Let’s collaborate and tune those tools to be more effective.


Vulnerability Scanning


A great starting point for any security program by providing visibility into what an attacker would go after if they had access to your environment.


Cloud Penetration Testing


If you have all or part of your infrastructure in the cloud, you need to understand your more conventional, on-premise risks in addition to the new set of risks that a poorly configured cloud can introduce.


Managed IT Services


In our quest to bring perfection to our customers, we have put in place experts who will give professional advice to each of our clients. Our IT consultation service is knowledge-oriented; we will expertly give our clients relevant information about their IT needs. Our representatives will provide you with a vital aspects of IT outsourcing – including:


  • The right practice for IT governance and compliance
  • On-boarding process when choosing or switching to a new vendor
  • The success stories of clients in industries similar to your company
  • Industry trends and the most recent tools available

During this supposed conversation with our clients, we learn more about them and their business enterprise. We commit more to them than a business relationships – this friendliness of our representatives with our clients has given us good feedbacks over the years and has placed us above our equals in time.



ITSIGN Solutions has the best IT Help Desk Support Service, that listens to each of our customer's wants. It provides necessary guidance to our customers. We understand every problem of computer, electronic, or software problems that might arise at any time. Our IT Help Desk Support Service is readily available to efficiently troubleshoot problems of any kind, and help with the necessary guidance on computers.

We have put in place standard internal and remote IT Help Desk Support Service. we render full-time or part-time service, application support, and service desk for any of our customer’s staff. We are always readily available when called upon.

Our internal IT Help Desk Support Service gives technical support to a staff of your company, to assist them with the usage of a product, service, or system. Doing this is a good way to help retain and satisfy your customers. We value and adore each of our clients around the globe. The remote IT Help Desk Support Service gives standard support to a staff of the company who finds any difficulty, of any kind.

A combination of remote and internal IT Help Desk Support Service renders technical support to customers –multi-technological assistance that can help solve a variety of problems that can be encountered. Our support service solves problems like; hardware and software problems (this service includes installation of software programs, patch management, and upgrades in the system.

Our IT Help Desk Support Service can be opened through platforms like; email, telephone, and live web support. Our support system expertly gives our clients outstanding IT Help Desk Support Service, wherever they are located around the globe. Our service helps our clients to run their business smoothly not bothering about network quagmires. We offer a bunch of service packages, this includes desk outsourcing, part-time, full-time, application support, and even a personal service desk for our customers' own clients.

We have experienced professionals and certified technical workers who will expertly solve any problem that might arise at any time. we value our customers; will proactively and expertly solve problems in compliance with cost-efficiency. To reach us for inquiries on how our IT Help Desk Support Service can help your enterprise business, just give us a call or a complimentary consultation. Our windows are always open round the clock. We promise to make our relationship remarkable.

Onsite Support

A comprehensive alternative to having your own IT department, our Support-IT package provides unlimited remote support, onsite engineer time with 24×7 monitoring and on demand consultancy as needed.

Support-IT onsite support package

With unlimited onsite engineering time, Support-IT is our most popular package, offering all sizes of business a complete and comprehensive outsourced support solution, so we become your trusted IT support team.

In addition to all the benefits of our 24/7 remote monitoring package (Monitor-IT) and unlimited remote support from our in-house Service Desk (Remote-IT), this package includes unlimited onsite engineering time.

Your expert ICT team

With no hidden costs our Support-IT package offers unparalleled value for money and complete transparency allowing you to easily budget for your monthly IT support spend. There is no need to pay for block hours in advance or worry about using onsite engineer time by a certain date – resources are available when you need them.

Combined with our expertise and advice, this is the perfect alternative to having your own IT team, without all the cost and HR management.

Key features at a glance

Features provided in our 24×7 monitoring and remote support packages are included as standard.

  • Unlimited onsite support
  • Unlimited telephone & email support
  • Unlimited remote support (email, servers, PCs & networks)
  • Standard Service Desk hours 7.30am to 6.30pm daily
  • Preventative maintenance & updates
  • 24/7 Real-time monitoring & alerts
  • Guaranteed response & resolution times
  • High rate of first-contact resolution
  • Enterprise class service management system
  • Optional monthly service delivery reports for transparency
  • Self-service client Service Hub (desktop, mobile, web versions)
  • Dedicated Account Manager & technical reviews
  • On demand consultancy & advice
  • Discounted rates on other services
  • No hidden costs

Unlimited onsite support included at no extra cost

  • Some technical issues can only be resolved on your premises and sometimes much faster in person. Those sorts of issues are often the most critical ones to your business.
  • With our Support-IT package your back is covered – there are no additional costs for technical expertise and fast recovery – we don’t hold you to ransom when you need our help the most.

Efficient financial management

  • Your ICT support costs are restricted to a simple monthly fee. The price is known in advance, fixed regardless of how much support time you use, so it’s a predictable operational expense, easing cash flow and budget management.
  • Support-IT will save you paying for limited block time in advance of the requirement, or facing the expense of maintaining your own in-house technical team.

Lowest possible disruption to your business

  • Many support providers hide behind their “time to respond” to your requests but we go beyond this. We aim at resolving your issues as quickly as we can.
  • Of course, your call will be answered within 15 seconds or less, and you’ll be speaking to a qualified and experienced technician – not a call-logger or an automated menu system.
  • We understand that minimising disruption to your business is critical. Customer service is our focus.

No limits on your support

  • With Support-IT package, you have access to unlimited remote monitoring, 24×7, unlimited remote service desk support, unlimited onsite engineering time, and unlimited technical advice.

Complete technical expertise is yours

  • Recruiting and maintaining your own team of technicians is difficult and expensive. The need to have all aspects of your ICT covered increases the costs and challenge.
  • Every member our technical team is fully trained and accredited. They’re there when you need them, so your problem is solved.
  • You’ll be freed up to focus on the management of your business, with the technology there to help you achieve commercial success and growth.

Early warnings outside business hours

  • We’ll help avoid disruption to your business. Our 24×7 monitoring helps us anticipate problems before they happen. If they do happen we’re able to notify you and take action accordingly.

Simple and Secure ICT management

  • We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and save you hours, so you’re free to get on with your import commercial activities.
  • We’ll take care of your staff and the daily application of patches and fixes to all your computers, including updates to your anti-virus and threat-management software.

Managed IT

At ITSign Solutions, we can offer you a completely managed IT support service. Designed for those of you that need to outsource your IT requirements to a trusted partner, ITSign Solutions can provide for you a bespoke managed service offering that is perfectly aligned to your needs and requirements.

You won’t be confined to a service that will only give you the services and packages that are written down, but we will work with you to identify the requirements of your business in a consultative approach that will give you what you need and will be reviewed in a way that offers you the best service possible.

Whatever the level of support that your business requires, we can create for you a package that can be tailored specifically for your business needs.


What is Managed IT?

Managed IT is technology (either on your premises, or out there somewhere (“hosted” or “Cloud”). The difference is that we look after it for you. Some people call this Virtual IT Management, or even outsourcing.

Managed IT is different from consultancy or support – it focuses on managing the technical solutions you have, rather than designing or problem-solving. You take advantage of our technical experience to save on hardware/software and staffing costs. You enjoy our expertise, and economies of scale plus you can move some capital expenditure to ongoing operational costs.

Even though the focus is on the technology the first step is still understanding your business objectives. Next we’ll use our experience, our technical expertise, and our close relationships with the leading manufacturers and developers to ensure that your needs are met.


Some of the things you don’t want to miss out on that runs through any type of managed services that we offer are

Managing your computer performance is necessary for your continued business success. Our Managed Workstation services will ensure that your PCs and laptops are continuously monitored and in optimum health.

Managing your PCs and laptops

Without doubt, you depend on your PCs and laptops and whenever there is downtime there is an inevitable productivity drop.

Keeping on top of computer maintenance can be a huge drain and distraction that takes you away from more strategic activities that will help you move forward.


What we cover

Our Managed Workstation Services will reduce your downtime and ensures that you needn’t worry about any of the following issues – we’ll deal with them for you.

  • Keeping an audit of your computers and their specifications
  • Reporting on them, including their software
  • Reporting on any incidents or problems that occur
  • Remote event management
  • Early identification and resolution of any problems through 24×7 monitoring
  • Updating any software: the latest patches and hotfixes applied painlessly and comprehensively
  • Updating any security and threat management tools
  • Ensuring that computer performance remains optimal
  • Day-to-day IT support for your staff while using computers and laptops

We’ll monitor, maintain and support them for you ensuring that they’re healthy and operating at their optimum level.

What’s involved?

As part of our IT support service we will install a secure, but unobtrusive, software agent on to your desktop computers (PCs, laptops or servers), and this monitors and notifies us of alerts, including:

  • Anti-virus and threat management
  • Security
  • Performance issues
  • Email performance
  • Disk space
  • Backups
  • Hardware / software
  • Networking

Is this service suitable for you?

Our Managed Workstation Service is fully scalable, from a few computers right up to a corporate environment, so suitable for any type and size of business.

It’s also perfect whether you’re a business Manager or you have an in-house IT Team – either way, you’ll be free from the distraction of housekeeping and able to get on with those beneficial projects.

We’ll keep your network and server problems to a minimum with our Managed Network Services preventing any downtime and disruption to your business. Here’s how we’ll help…

Benefits of managed networks

Our Managed Network services are available to all sizes and types of organisation. We use a combination of remote automation tools and our expert IT support technicians to provide a unique range of benefits:

  • Fewer problems or disruption
  • No disruption during setup
  • 24 x 7 real-time monitoring for potential issues
  • Pre-emptive maintenance – acting on early alerts to prevent issues
  • Scalable pricing and value for money
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Better security
  • Anti-virus, threat management, and software patching updates

What’s involved

Prevention is better than cure. 24x7x365, we use our monitoring and event management to improve network performance, to spot potential issues and to stop problems happening.

We also run scans and update your software patches and hotfixes, anti-virus definitions, and threat management. This also reduces the risk of problems, and maximises your network security.

What we cover

We provide ongoing management, as well as consultation, design, implementation, or configuration of all the following technologies (and some more):


  • We’re fully accredited by Microsoft and Dell, with vast experience of Windows and Linux servers (plus the underlying hardware), including Active Directory administration and Group Policy management. We also cover virtualisation and high availability solutions.

Directory/Account Administration

  • We manage Directory Services for many clients, including their data security, access to resources, ICT standards and desktop computer settings.


  • Using industry-leading remote monitoring and management software as a base, we’ve modified it to check all the key elements of your network and infrastructure, so we continuously check for potential issues (Event Management) and pre-emptively resolve problems.
  • We keep everything running smoothly, report on the health of your systems and provide inventories when needed.

Internet and Broadband

  • We provide a single-stop, fully managed and integrated Internet access solution, complete with underlying broadband (including capability for site-to-site private links with options for redundancy and failover).
  • We can manage your security and access (firewalling), as well as IP configuration (DNS, Name hosting, DHCP, addressing schemes and so on) to meet your requirements.

Cabling and Ethernet

  • Installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation are conducted by our qualified engineers, whether the cabling is Ethernet or Fibre Optic.  Cabling installations come with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

LAN, VLAN and Wireless

  • As well as physical cabling we’re able to help with your LAN management and configuration, including virtual network segmentation (VLANs) and Wireless integration. This covers ongoing maintenance, optimisation and security.


  • Our expertise includes telephony so we can manage your mobility throughout, from Mobile Device Management (MDM) of mobile phones, through telephone number diversion, to secure remote access to your business systems and information for homeworkers or people out on the road.


  • Computing over distances (remote working, or site-to-site connectivity in a WAN) requires security and efficient routing of network traffic. We can manage this for you to ensure that this works as flawlessly and reliably as possible.

Why us?

  • No other local Managed IT provider can offer the mix of IT and communications capability and expertise that ITSign has to offer, meaning better choice, reliability and convenience for you.
  • We have all the accreditations and certifications you’d expect, plus the underlying technical solutions we use are proven industry-leading designs and products.

Our Managed Security service will help to protect your ICT systems, minimise data theft and safeguard your critical business data from internal and external threats.

Handling security and threat management

IT security can be bewildering and troubling, even for IT professionals. It’s hard to keep track of all the endpoints and whether or not you’re keeping your ICT systems tight and secure.

It’s difficult ensuring that the right people have access to the information they need to see, let alone keeping the wrong people out or preventing denial-of-service attacks on your IT systems.

Plus, the threats are constantly changing, so security is always a concern and usually a major distraction.

This is why Security Management is a key part of our managed services portfolio. This page covers the options from a more technical perspective. We also offer a cloud anti-spam and anti-virus service for those who are less technical.

What we cover

We can provide Managed Security cover for servers, laptops, and desktop computers, as well as your network infrastructure and email systems. We’ll manage, monitor and administer your protection and help plan your strategic approach to data security including:

  • An audit and advice on your best options
  • User management and policy implementation
  • Protection against data theft
  • Administration and configuration of file system security and permissions to ensure confidentiality
  • Monitoring security on systems with early warning of potential threats
  • Managed scanning of computers for threats
  • Taking steps to prevent infiltration from malware
  • Keeping risk and threat to a minimum with managed updates to anti-virus and other protection software
  • Protecting your email from the attack of viruses, spam, denial of service and phishing
  • Help and support

What else is included?

  • Reporting on your systems, such as security update status, to keep you fully informed about security of your systems
  • Updates and scans performed on agreed schedules for convenience and to suit your working practices
  • Advice on best practise around security
  • A company-wide approach to ensure that all the gaps are plugged
  • Management performed remotely, freeing up your own resources
  • Managed backups, so that if unforeseen disaster strikes, we can have you up and running – like an insurance policy
  • Peace-of-mind about security and confidentiality of your data, and there’ll be no risk of embarrassment in front of your customers, suppliers or competitors

Our Managed Email service will ensure that your company email is safe, secure, reliable and widely available, all at a reasonable cost, no matter how large or small your company.

Email issues we can prevent

Email is such an essential part of business that if something goes wrong it can waste a lot of time and money, and even lead to loss of reputation for your organisation.

Common complaints include:

  • Disruption to business and unhappy customers through poor communication
  • Concerns about viruses and phishing, especially where this could reflect badly on your organisation
  • Troubleshooting email issues is difficult and slow
  • The complexity of modern email systems and the consequent length of time needed to identify and resolve issues
  • It’s expensive because all that junk mail uses up disk space and is resource hungry
  • The ever-growing demand for additional costly hardware resource, especially when that is consumed by junk email

As part of our Managed Email service you can quickly address these issues and save yourself a lot of worry. Our services are suitable for all sizes of business – from start-ups to enterprise.

Benefits of Managed Email

No business can be without email – without it you can lose face and lose business. Our Managed Email Service will ensure your email is efficient, reliable and affordable, no matter how large or small your company.

Easier budgeting with affordable monthly payments

  • Pricing is predictable and scalable based on a recurrent monthly payment – no surprise capital expenditure on new hardware or need to pay in advance for infrastructure resource that you won’t be using straight away.

Simple to use

  • Fully functional email system, that is hosted securely in the Cloud, so it is available wherever you are.

No need to worry about security or attacks

  • Spam and viruses are blocked at source and constantly updated without any intervention needed from you – everything is safe and secure.

Business continuity through minimum downtime

  • As near as is possible, no downtime – redundant systems and transparently scalable hardware resource means you’ll be as close as you can be to being “always on”.
  • You needn’t suffer from nasty surprises and you’ll be able to communicate via email, whenever and wherever.

Email is automatically archived

  • There’s no need for complex and expensive backup hardware solutions. Your important emails are automatically archived but are still searchable and easily retrieved, so you have a full audit trail and free from the burden of regularly upgrading your servers or storage.


Server virtualization as a concept deals with the creation of numerous “virtual servers” with physical server hardware. The said server hardware works exactly like a physical server with a dignify IP, memory, software suite, and disk space. The server virtualization came into existence by the use of unique software known as “the hypervisor”.

The hypervisor serves as a tool that attracts all the physical resources in the server, these resources include Disk, CPU, Bandwidth, amongst others – then it distributes it to the virtual servers as required.

Customers should note that by vitalizing their infrastructure, they can decide to change their resource allocation to their business application with its usage. Doing this will allow proper usage of your server in its maximum capacity. Whilst reducing the number of resources being wasted. This will cut costs and save you from unnecessary spending.

Our experts help in isolating the virtual servers, this guarantees proper proof of security. It is imperative to note that multiple physical servers can be joined together to form a very high availability system, which will keep your application online if one of the servers goes off!


It is very important you virtualized your infrastructure, doing this provides you with a plethora of benefits, such as proper isolation of your application, very high uptime, vigorous disaster recovery, amongst others. On the other hand, if things are not taken proper care of while setting up the system and other maintenance, significant damage can occur to the general system.

For almost a decade, ITSIGN Solutions has rendered a top-notch service to hundreds of their clients around the globe, building, maintaining, and operating their server virtualization system that meets their different strategic business aims.ITSIGN Solutions will expertly setup your server virtualization systems, take care of your systems management, irrespective of the size of your business.









It is crucial to note that there is an increasing need for modern networks, customers and employees will only trust unfailing and reliable networking and connection. This is the major reason you should make sure that your networks are constantly functioning and accessible around the tick and tock of the clock.

ITSIGN Solutions provides its customers with standard computer networks which enable companies to share, access, and store all information within the organization and their respective customers. Our experts can manage and implement both wide area networks (LAN) and local area networks (WAN), with the corporate intranet and internet connections including the virtual private networks (VPN).

The record will have it that all the network solutions that we have put in place are designed with a combination of hardware and software in order to give our clients practical and relevant solutions to their respective business needs. You need not worry about our efficiency we have proved that overtime to all of our customers which has generated positive feedbacks overtime.


Wide Area Networks (WANs) – the wide-area networks have the capacity to cover relatively large areas, it can even serve entire cities or perhaps, businesses across the world.

Local Area Networks (LANs) – the local area networks are suitable for relatively small areas, such as schools, small workplaces. This network does not support large areas.



For over the years, ITSIGN Solutions have built different types of networks for their clients around the globe. ITSIGN Solutions can help your business improve its communication and data storage on a large scale. We have very high-security protocols to prevent any unauthorized access - we can design both wired and wireless networks depending on your needs. ITSIGN Solutions provides you with the expansion of your networks in different ways as a result of the expansion of your business or new hires of more employees.

With our help, you reach out to all your customers effectively while achieving unified network management. Our professionals will render a top-notch service to your IT needs.



It is very imperative for all modern businesses to foster the interaction between customers and employees relationship when need be. With our awesome connectivity solutions, you will be having access to fast, reliable, and efficient solutions. We are not only good with what we do, but we also cherish our customer’s feedback and recommendations, so we have put in place experts who will listen and proffer a suitable solution to your business needs.

We do understand the dynamic nature of modern business, which has made us made our networks scalable in order to make sure that your business doesn’t experience any outdated technology.  You are always welcome to reach out to our team for advice – we will be glad to hear from you.


Having the best IT systems needs you to have well-designed, efficient, reliable, and scalable Cat 5e and Cat 6 designed cabling for your data and voice applications.

We will expertly build and install structured cabling systems that will meet up with your current network traffic. We are experts in integrating voice and data cabling infrastructures to render a versatile and resourceful return on investment services.

Reach us today for your testing, replacement, or repair. We will be glad to solve your needs, accurately.




Every business enterprise uses a proficient business internet to keep their business running.  We aim to give all our client perfection while handling their technical details and giving them a reliable business internet service that meets up to their aims and goals, allowing them drive their business to its goals without technical hindrance.

If you ever need to switch your broadband provider, ITSIGN Solutions will efficiently manage the entire process of the migration without losing your e-mail with minimal or no downtime.

If peradventure you ever witnessed a slow internet connection, or having trouble establishing a connection – we are professionals, we can dissect and solve the problem within a little time frame. We proved good with what we do; we will always prove that beyond doubt.



It is very important that every organization safeguard their data for the proper functioning of the larger system. It very important to have a backup solution with proper monitoring, recovery and support processes. We as an organization we have implement standard redundant solutions to safeguard your data, properly. With ITsign, you are covered beyond the horizon!


Our backup systems continuously backup your files as they are being operated on. With our system you are save, all your data are save as you work on them, concurrently. This is an assurance of how effective we are. you need not to worry with our daily backups.



We use modern backup solutions  that has the capacity of keeping many versions of files, while holding a 30 days history of previous files, all you need to do is get back to the version you need without stress.



This entails the backup and recuperation of servers. This process allows proper restoration of the whole server in hours.  This method is the next innovation in backup and restoration of servers.



Some companies do not use in-house servers as their storage. ITsign renders services to back up, recovery of your cloud data, and monitor. Always protect your company from cloud downtime or data loss.


We have strong backup that can protect any workstations, including those in the process. Protect your sales data, executive systems, and any other mobile data with our unique centrally managed backup software.





It is important for your business network to have access to standby server support and monitoring,

It is a long road to building and growing business enterprise and having positive feedbacks from your customers. This has made it very germane you have a standby working IT network to haste your communication with your customers. This is the reason your business should avoid any form of downtime; it has negative impact on the growth of your business. One of the major reasons why you should avoid a downed network is because a downed network impedes you from contacting to your clients or replying important e-mails, so it is very important you have a standby network server support and monitoring


Perhaps if you are using an outsourced managed network connection, it very important you use a standby server monitoring. Our awesome server monitoring ascertain that your most important infrastructure, critical system and resources are functioning at their best performance. Be informed that our monitoring service always notify our employees if there is any crises that needs our attention – this will allow us to solve it before it escalation.

With our standby server monitoring, we always get the necessary data that will aid us in diagnosing, identifying and solving any network related issues before they can cause breakdown or harm to your business enterprise.



  1. Complete server health
  2. The server memory usage
  3. Core air temperature
  4. The condition of critical services
  5. Firewalls
  6. Storage availability details
  7. Routers
  8. Server path and the update status

Using our company as your technical support solution, gives you a total reliable support. We will do anything as your IT support to bring perfection to your business. Remember, we are very cost-effective, you will see how effective the service we render. We give our clients the best service, professional support and utmost care.


One of the main reasons you should seek for server management service is because it saves you from investing or worrying much about server management, all you need to do is leave us with the worrying, while you divert all your energy into your business. Remember, time is money if properly invested and managed.

Another reason why you should outsource server management is because it saves cost. For instance – managing a complete server can cost you a whole lot of money and time. By outsourcing you will be cutting cost of recruitment, payroll management amongst other expenses.

“A tree does not make a forest” - every persons have their area of specialties, that is, we have things we do better. You run your business expertly while you give us the opportunity to offer you the best service in server management. Seeking for server management opens your eyes to new insights and knowledge. We are good with server management.








Overtime, IT related issues do not happen times expected –

Do you need an urgent server support which makes you need professionals to overseer the situation?

Maybe there is security breach or a happening that can affect your company, or you are in need of emergency data recovery services?

Is it your prestigious server that went down and lack of it availability is costing you a lot every minute?

Well, the good news here is that we have our professionals here in ITsign, who will immediately meet the need of our clients. We understood how valuable time is, and we are willing to cut time and give you the best solution as fast as we can.

IT related issues do not happen at convenient time of the clock, it always happen when least expected. You do not necessarily have to be our current client before you can use our emergency service support. In situations like that, the only thing separating us from reaching you is just a simple phone call – 281-367-8253 which you will be directed to speak with our heartwarming IT professional in charge. We are ready to meet your emergency need – this service is available for both existing and new clients; we will be there as fast as possible.

For those who would be using our emergency support for the first time (non-clients), you will be given a clear understanding of what you will be paying for, and if it is a case whereby there will be additional cost, we will make sure to discuss it with you before proceeding, we are transparent and cost-effective!

And for our existing clients, we have added limited number of emergency support hours in every of your monthly IT support package without any hidden fee.

ITsign has developed accurate emergency IT troubleshooting service in order for you to have access to our professional in charge. You should also note that when you inform us of the need of our emergency support service, immediately we’ll activate it, which will lead us to the emergency support queue for immediate pickup.

We have different emergency support services, among them is:

  • Windows server outages
  • RAID failures
  • Major security incidents
  • Network internet failure related issues
  • And some other critical system failures issues

We advice you not to try fix the situation yourself, this might increase damage rate if not handled by experienced professionals. With a single phone call, ITsign experts will be at your company.












Our technicians in ITsign are expertly trained to solve all your IT related problems with our remote access tools. For easy comprehension, the remote IT service is a system that gives access to an individual to connect with, and use a specific computer or server from a remote setting. So, this has made it possible to resolve IT related problems using the power of remote access software, without their physical presence of the technician.

With the help of these tools, ITsign business computer technicians can do the following:

  1. Can easily update server software
  2. They can train end users on newly updated software and protocols
  3. They can easily access a specific system, or server
  4. Easily manage all the files on the computer
  5. Diagnosing and maintenance

These are the few things remote IT service can impact positively to your business enterprise. A plethora of companies round the globe majorly use and trust the remote access software and services as a major part of their IT formation. The remote access software has gain significant reputation in all institutions, which has placed it at the core part of regularly IT performance.



The remote IT support service has a plentitude of advantages; here are some of its major and most important advantages:

LOW COST – one of the major aims of every organization or business enterprise is to maximize profit and reduce cost. IT administrators have the ability to solve IT related issues without coming onsite. This has reduced the need for the visit of professionals and drastically reduced the downtime without having to wait for professionals to drive down before minor issues can be resolved.

STANDBY ACCESS – your given network administrator would be having access to your network 24/7. Here at ITSIGN we have alerting system that notifies us if there is any issue with your network, not minding the time of the clock – we are always available to solve any issue.

GOOD FLEXIBILITY – with the help of remote Access tech, it gives room for good flexibility whenever you are in need of an IT support. It all depends if you wish to meet your given network administrator, physically, which a meeting will be scheduled.

Our team at ITsign always updates their remote access tools to meet up to the world standard. With our remote access too you need not to worry, we have your back always!




We have experienced engineers that will aid you in the migration of your servers without losing your data with the least downtime. Overtime, an average server receives 40 plus mails and gets sent every minute, while website database gets modification by 700 plus request. DNS switching, data migration and service suspension requires a professional hand in order to divert recent data updates to the intended server to avoid any data loss complications.


It is very common to witness a data loss in the server migration if not properly planned and oversee by an expert. This occurs when data get upgraded in source server after the data copy is completed, but the DNS keeps pointing to the old server. To avoid this situation, an expert should oversee the process – by diligently synchronizing the data copy, service suspension and the DNS switching, doing this reduces the rate of data loss to nothing.

Timing is very important; the migration process should be timed properly to reduce the downtime of the domains. Creating a comprehensive list of fault points, and assiduously monitoring for service continuity, and carefully testing at the receiving end, by doing this the domain downtimes are minimized.

Data migration between different editions of software, it is very important that the data should be first converted into an exchangeable format. In ITsign we do a typical pre-migration audit to spot all intending constraints and provide an accurate systematic solution to them before commencing.

Here are some migration cases that we do work on, mostly:

  • Migrating database from an old edition to a recent edition.
  • Mail data migration to a new mail data server.
  • The migration from web hosting account from a platform to another.
  • Migrating database from one platform to another.


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Fast and Reliable

At ITSIGN Solutions, we stand behind our commitments. Each client will receive an agreed-upon service-level agreement. In most cases, ITSign deployment within 2 hours is guaranteed.

Better Value

ITSIGN Solutions only provides services that our clients need. We do not oversell services. By offering prices that are less expensive and services that are vaster than our competition, we provide incredible value to our customers.

24×7 Customer Support

ITSIGN Solutions always ensures technicians are on standby for service in the city that never sleeps 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays. We understand that technology problems arise at all times, and regardless of such, it is important that your business continues to be up and running.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At ITSIGN Solutions, we strive to ensure our clients are happy. If for any reason a client is unsatisfied with our service, we will make great strides to get the problem resolved. We instill in all of our staff that the customer comes first, and will do anything to ensure that expectation is met.

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